My Life Goals

I ran into a post by Sazbomb, consisting of a list of her goals in life. I got inspired to write my own. Many people have similar goals to one another. Some of mine may be the same as yours or your best friend. These all have a personal meaning to me, like everyone's goals do. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to express on the internet, yes, the internet, something I don't do much, on my 10 personal goals and why I have them.

Cupcake Baking with Katelyn and Friends

Last Sunday, my best friend, Courtney, and I were spending the day together. We were heading over to my boyfriend, Alex's, house. I had the sudden erg to bake something. After some time thinking about what to make, be decided on cupcakes.

France Through My Eyes | Metro

With the three fabulous days in Paris, it's very hard not to miss the metro. Unless you decided to take a cab across the city to places you want to go. These are some of the crazy experience I had while on the metro. 

France Through My Eyes | Notre Dame

With sliding down the cathedrals walls, talking gargoyles, molten copper covering the building and peaceful sounds of large bells ringing up in the towers. Although the beautiful sound of the bells weren't so peaceful while in the bell tower. By reading this I'm hoping a Disney movie comes to mind. If not, I'm talking about The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While watching this moving, you almost feel sucked back in time to 1482. In modern day, you don't have talking gargoyles or a man with a large hunchback climbing the outside walls. Despite this wonderful Disney movie, none of this actually happened. In my mind, watching this movie brings back memories of visiting this breath taking cathedral.


This weekend I headed over to IKEA and got some accessories for my room. My room is in need of change and upgrade. What better place to get new home accessories than IKEA?

France Photo Edits

With all the amazing photos I have of the trip I took to France this last summer, I decided to do some photo edits. These are black and white, with a certain color highlighted. I thought it was a cool photo edit to use on my France photos.

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