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I ran into a post by Sazbomb, consisting of a list of her goals in life. I got inspired to write my own. Many people have similar goals to one another. Some of mine may be the same as yours or your best friend. These all have a personal meaning to me, like everyone's goals do. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to express on the internet, yes, the internet, something I don't do much, on my 10 personal goals and why I have them.
*Note, these are not in order. The order they are in was what came to my mind first.
1. Have a successful career. Many people want a successful career. I know I'm not the only one. At the moment, I'm hoping my successful career will be a veterinarian assistant. Crazy enough, I have already pick out the veterinarian clinic I hope to work in. My local town has a cat clinic, this is where I'm hoping to get the job. Yes, I may be in high hopes, but this will be my first choice to apply at. Overall, I will be happy to work in any veterinarian clinic. Next fall, 2016, I'm planning to start my degree for becoming a veterinarian.

2. Marry the love of my life. With what I'm about to say, I don't know what the future will hold, but then, no one does. I do have a plan. At the moment, I already know who the love of my life is. I have to say, in my whole life, I've never been comfortable with saying this with any guy I've dated. For the first time in my life, I feel this way about a special man in my life. Yes, I am young. Yes, this is my first TRUE love, but I feel with him this is possible. This is very cleshay, but from the moment I started to date him, I know he's the one. I'm not the only one who thinks this as well. He says the same. We have talked about it, and we do plan to marry one day. Hopefully in the next five years. He is a very special person to me, one of the top special people in all my life. I love him.

3. Become fluent in ASL. From the moment in kindergarten, when I stood up in front of the whole school and sang a song in American Sign Language, I knew I wanted to learn it all, the in and out. At the moment, I'm 90% finished with my first year of ASL, in college. I've learned so much, and, honestly, it's all come naturally. Yes, there's going to be a bumpy road when learn another language, and yes ASL is a language. Still, to this day, I get basic signs mixed up. Some don't know how lucky they are that they can hear the wonderful, beautiful sounds of the world around them. ASL is very personal to me, and I love that there is a way the deaf community is able to speak to one another.

4. Travel. As simple as this is, I want to travel. I believe I've traveled more than average for someone my age. Before I continue, I would like to say I'm not trying to have the thought of me being a spoiled brat. My location is perfect for traveling to some of these places, that I will mention. My mother hits the amazing deals so we are able to travel to these gorgeous places. Some are for my dads work, and one of these trips I have worked for.  The number one place I've traveled multiple times to is, Oahu, Hawaii. I can tell someone so much. I could give you a long list of the do's and don't of Oahu! I won't mention the number of times I've been, but I know almost every mile of this island. The top place I have traveled to was France. This last summer I went on a tour with the French class at my high school. Going to France made me want to travel so much more. There's bits and pieces of places I would love to see one day. The number one area that's on my goal is Europe.

5. Have my hobby, and stick to my hobby! This is a very big goal for me. All my life, I've taken an interest in hobbies, but never continued them because I got bored. Half of this goal has been already on its way, but it will never be completed until I'm satisfied or until the day I die. The hobby is writing. Anything to do with writing is my hobby, and my goal is to continue it.

6. Have my own home sweet home. I love to decorate. I'm so excited for the day I can decorate my home the way I want. At the moment, I only have my bedroom to decorate. I get very excited over any little home supply. A reason I don't allow myself in IKEA often.

7. Have children. Right now I'm not ready for children, for so many reasons! One day, my goal is to have children I can love and make my life brighter.

8. Become comfortable with every inch of my body. I will admit, I'm very comfortable with my body. But every inch? No. There's some places I'm unsatisfied with, but I'm working on to love it. I am who I am. I have a thought that always goes through my head. God created you for a reason. He thinks you're perfect the way you are, that's why you look and act how you are. This helps me love myself more and more.

9. Enjoy one beautiful, natural thing a day. During my life I realize I don't look at the world around me and cherish it. I'm not talking the materialistic things, I'm talking about nature and what the world has to over around us. A goal of mine is to sit outside on nice days and relax. Grab a drink, and sit, doing nothing. On the gloomy days, I want to take a ride, look around.
10. Garden. This is a small goal of mine. I've never gardened much before. I love the idea of growing something, and being proud that I grew something that is living. This spring and summer, I plan to start growing plants, vegetables and fruit.
Later in life I hope to look back at this post to see the things I have accomplished and what I didn't. One day, I will smile at myself, and be happy with these goals I have achieved.
What are your life goals?
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