Notes books and journals are a wonderful thing to have. From the moment I can remember I ALWAYS had a journal with me.

Journals identify me. You can always find me looking in the journal section at a store. I will buy journals for fun. I have boxes of journals that I wrote in all my life. I'm starting to think I am a journal horder. 

Have journals are a great thing. I wanted to give some ideas and tips on the different things journals can be used for. 

Before I continue on with any tips, I would like to give you some information. I am a big organizer. When it comes to journals, I'm far from organized! Each journal isn't used for a certain top of writing. Each page will be completely different. I wanted to inform you of this because this post has nothing to do with organizing. I am focusing on how journals are great and how creative you can be. With that said, let's continue with some tips. 

One, lists. Yes, you make have a cell phone that can create this easily. Sometimes it's a lot of fun to pick up a pen or pencil and right now a list. These can be short term list or list of things you could like to accomplish. Lists are a great way to never forget things. You can get a notebook only for list. I recite fly bought a notebook with the label "To Do or Not to Do" written on the front. 

Two, write your experiences. This doesn't have to be a diary. If something amazing happened in your life, write it down. This way you will never forget the great experiences you've had. From this, anything you write down you can come back and read what you have written before. Maybe you have forgotten something you have once done. Writing done things gives you memories and a smile every once in a while.
Three, you never lose it. Writing something done on a loose piece of paper doesn't do any good when you're running around searching for it. In a notebook you can write down everything and all the things you need are in one area. Now, you won't lose the individual pieces, but try not to lose the notebook.
These are some things I have found that are wonderful about keeping journals.

Do you keep a journal? Comment below if you do. Don't forget to follow my blog. 

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