1st Anniverisery


It has been a wonderful, lovely year, and a fast one too. I couldn't be happier to be dating Alex. On August 1st, I have been dating my best friend for a year.
From the moment I realized I like this man, I knew I wanted to be with him for as long as possible. Our story starts off simple, but really starts off unique. I meet Alex in high school, and we were good friends. I never talked to him too much, but we hung out a lot with others.
What really makes our story special is where we started to like each other. For a school trip, a group of friends of ours and us, went to France, for a week in July. Here is were we started our lovely journey together. I never thought I would come back home falling in love with him, but it was such a wonderful thing that has happened.
A month after we came back home, we started our relationship. I've never been happier. Alex is such a lovely, caring, funny person. I couldn't ask for better! He is everything I have looked for.

I couldn't ask for anyone better! I'm so grateful for a man like him. The past year has been amazing and I'm looking forward to many more amazing years together.

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