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Recently I bought an LED letter 'K' light. For a while I have been searching for one of these. I never can find the right letter for my name. I wanted a K so I can always have it, my first name after all begins with a K.
This LED I bought was on sale at Ross for $9.99. The original pricing was $34.00. I got a great deal! I love anything that lights up, and I thought one of these would please me very much! At Ross many different types were available. A metal rustic, a red, and black one were for me to choose from. I choose the black one because it does in my room best. Also, black will go with anything I plan to have in the future.

 This LED is battery operated. The best type for me! I was hesitant to buy one with lights. I was worried one would go out and I'd have to search for the light bulb size. I am loving my LED light in my room.
Do any of you have one? What does yours look like?

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