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With fall coming to an end and winter starting I thought I would share my favorite fall & winter candles I've used this year.

This year the Christmas season started early. With Thanksgiving still to come, I didn't think it would hurt to bring some of the Christmas out already. By this I mean all the Christmas candles. Goodbye to the great smells of fall and hello to the smells cinnamon, balsam, and winter.
I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works. I have a large section of candles. I gathered all my favorite candles I have been loving lately between the seasonal clash.
Some products are still being in use and some I recently bought brand new.
This London Tea & Lemon is a 3 wick candle and has a royal blend of English tea, lemon and sweet sugar ($22.50). This candle was part of the 2015 Summer Limited Edition. Even if it was a summer special, it reminds me of cozy winter nights in with tea. I love the smell of lemon, and that is exactly what it smells like.

Sweater Weather ($22.50) is my all-time go to candle I pick every fall. A blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage is part of the description of this candle. I'm a sucker for fresh smells. Sweater Weather can also be used for winter time, not just fall. Bath & Body Works provides Sweater Weather for a winter collection as well.

I got Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow (Medium candle- $12.50) for a birthday present this year. I feel in love with it. I am not on for candles that smell like food, expect fruit. This one caught my attention. It has me wanted to make a warm coffee or mocha and be cozy while I relax.

A couple years back I got Champagne Toast (Mini Candle- $4.50) in a Black Friday Bath & Body Works bag. The smell of champagne, juice nectarine, and blackcurrant will almost remind me of the end of Christmas and the start of a new year. In my mind the candle always represented New Years. I will continue to buy this candle every Winter season.

Cinnamon is heaven to me, no matter what time of the year. I love the smell and the taste. Cinnamon & Clove Buds Bath & Body Works candle smells amazing. They don't sell this brand anymore. Today, you can find this candle labeled Wish or Christmas Spice. It has the same smell in them, cinnamon stick, ground cloves, and nutmeg.

Although I am not a big fan on candles smelling like food, Pumpkin Apples is an expectation. Pumpkin Apple has pumpkin and apple with spices. The spices and apple over powers the pumpkin. You can smell a hint of pumpkin hidden behind the apple and spice smell. This is a foodie candle that I find refreshing, thanks to the apple and spices.

The smell of Christmas trees sets the feeling of Christmas in the air. Fresh Balsam does exactly that with the smell of snow-dusted balsam, eucalyptus leaves and fir tress. I don't have a real Christmas tree and lighting this candle makes the room smell like I do have a real tree.
This are all my favorite fall and winter candles. I hope you enjoyed this post.  Do you like any of these candles? What are your favorites from Bath & Body Works?

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