Black Friday Haul 2015

Black Friday was a crazy successful year of 2015. My best friend Courtney and I got up before the crack of dawn and headed out to find some deals.
We ran into so many good deal, and I am here to give you a haul of everything I bought.
As you may know, I love Bath & Body Works candles. I recently published another post on my favorite fall and winter Bath and Body Works candles that you can  check out here.
With the deals that were provided during Black Friday, I bought six medium candles. I picked up one Wish, Winter, Evergreen, Frosted Cranberry, and two Champagne Toast. All for $6.50 each.
In addition to the candles, I bought candle holders. I bought two medium candles holders for $8.50. The two medium holders are a trees and snowflakes. The other candle holder I bought are for mini candles. I purchased three snowman ones, two are a Christmas present. The last mini candle holder I got is snowflakes. The mini holders were $5.50. All these holders match all the Christmas decorations in my room.
My boyfriend loves the Midnight body wash in the Men's collection Bath and Body Works has. For a Christmas present, I got one for him at $12.50.
After Bath and Body Works, I shopped around and bought a few accessories. At Forever 21, I picked up a pair of these beautiful black leggings. I am not one to wear leggings without a dress or shirt. Instead I thought I could wear these around the house and to bed. These were on sale for $13, regular $19.90. Two other colors come in these leggings, besides the black. The two colors are red and blue. They are very thick and keep me warm, wonderful for the winter time.  
Also at Forever 21, I found a cute hanger necklace. It is very small, perfect for me. I love small necklaces. I purchased this for only $2.50.
Every Black Friday I stop by JcPenny's and get gloves for only $1.50. You couldn't believe how fast these gloves get lost or dirty. Before I always bought light colors, the reason why they got dirty so fast. This year, I bought grey and red only. These gloves also come with a special figure tip touch, so you are able to use your touch screen phone or tables.
Recently I got a new phone and I had no cover for it. Charming Charlie has beautiful phone cases of all sorts. I found a water glitter red and silver, with snowflakes one. This is so entertaining to play with. This cost $15. Normally I never buy a phone case for that much, but I have always wanted one, so I went for it.
That is all the Black Friday shopping items I have to share. I hope you enjoyed. Did you go Black Friday shopping? If so, what did you buy?
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