Day Out At The Mall

Today I headed over to the mall with my friends Sabryna and Tabitha. We spent hours there and I thought I would share with you us going around the mall. I'm planning to post a video haul and blog post about the things I bought at the mall. So I won't be sharing that part, just yet.
 First we were very hungry and all headed over to Panda Express and all shared a meal. It was very good
 Also we headed over to Icing and found these cute pictures. Here is one I found that was cute that I didn't get. 

Use three also went to the pet shop that they have in the mall. We went straight to the kittens there! Above are a few pictures of the cat we were able to hold.

Also after going to all these other stores, Forever 21 and Sephora included, we ended up at Claire's. Now here me and Sabryna went a little crazy in the One Direction section! I think we spent the most time there compared to the rest of the store. Sabryna ended up buy a new 1D poster, that you can see above. 

After our long four hour walk around the mall we decided to stop by Starbucks and get a drink! I got an iced tea and Tabitha and Sabryna got frappuccino! Yum! 

Also afterwards we ended up at a frozen yogurt shop. It was so good! You can see I was a chocolate freak and got the one in the bottom right corner. 

So I couldn't show much because there will be a haul post. So hope you enjoyed!

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