Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette

Today, on this boring Sunday of mine, I ended up heading over to Sephora. Usually things are not in my price range and I never get anything. This is what I expected today, nothing. I was wrong though! I ended up getting the Naked Urban Decay Basics palette. Excitement fills me and I just had to share the wonderful thing I've gotten. 
(1). Venus; (2). Foxy; (3). Walk of Shame; (4). Naked 2; (5). Faint; (6). Crave.
The palette has six essential eye shadows.  It features both for lids, liner and crease. I have never owned a Naked palette myself, but I know others who have Naked and Naked 2. I've heard they are wonderful and admired them for quiet some time. At Sephora I bought this for $27. I have yet to try to this and I'm very excited! If you have any tips for this basics palette please comment below and let me know! 

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