Day Out in the Garden

The other day I decided to go out and take some pictures of my garden. As normal, in the summer time, Oregon has such lovely days. I took some photos of the flowers my mom has plants in our back yard.

Before I went outside I took a picture of my outfit of the day. In the picture it does only show the top half. I was wearing white short shorts that had little faded flowers on them. They were gorgeous. I'm planning to make a blog post of my favorite outfits on July, so expect to see the shorts! The top I am wearing is from Forever 21. On the front is a faded picture of the Union Jack. As you can slightly see on the bottom. Also I wore my Union Jack necklace. You can expect to see that in future post!

Outside I found my cat under a tree and I couldn't help take a picture of her. Her name is Boots Buddy. Yes, I know it does sound like a boys name, long story though. From the moment the sun comes up to the second it sets, she loves to lounge around the garden under trees.

These are some pictures of flowers in my backyard. This was a unusual summer because the yard is always filled with roses all over the place. For some reason I could only find these roses in the garden. I can't remember the name of them, but I'm sure my mom does.  I do know that the last rose in the picture is called Judy Garland.

I never go out into the yard and enjoy it. When I went out the other day I thought I would show you all what I've enjoyed. 

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