30 Day Snap #2 | Live Webcam Graduation

Last night, my friend Tabitha, her boyfriend, Alex (for a short time) and I were on Google+ watching our high schools 2013 graduation live.  

We have so many friends that graduated last night, we thought it would be fun to watch them live online, since we couldn't go. It lasted two hours, but I enjoyed it, and so did Tabitha.

30 Day Snap #1 | Growing Up

Today was my friends Jess' graduation party. I'm so glad and happy for her, but at the same time I'm sad to see her go. I hand full of my friends are graduating high school this year (week) and I know next year will be different and strange without them.  I know they will have a wonderful life after high school though and I wish them the best!

30 Day Snap

I know this may be a week late, but I thought it would be too much fun to do! CLICK LINK FOR INFO! I want to document my life as well, so what better way to do that then 30 day snap!:) Starting today until the end of June this is what I'll be doing.  Please join and send me links if you do! I'd love to see what others are up to in the day!

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