New Purse

Yesterday, my mom bought me this purse at Kohl's. The brand is Elle. Now, before I start I wanted to clear up the price! This was huge price range.

Hawaii 2013 Day 2

On our second day in Oahu, Hawaii, we got up very early and headed over to Pearl Harbor! This post will be about the trip I took to Pearl Harbor. This will be for two reason. One, This is mostly all we did all day. After going to Pearl Harbor, we headed back to the beach for the rest of the day. The second things is that I wanted to have one blog post on this visit. 

Hawaii 2013 Day 1

Last night, I just came back from Hawaii and I thought I would share with you all the things I've done every day on the tropical Island! On August 28 I took a 5 hour long plane right over to the island of Hawaii, Oahu. Below are pictures of the island(s) from the plane.

Throwback Thursday | Winter Formal 2011

In January 2011, I went to my first winter formal and second dance of high school. Now I was unable to get a hold of photos, so this will be a sort post.

Throwback Thursday | Homecoming 2010


For my first throwback I shared my last and first prom I went to. Now, I wanted to share with you the first high school dance I ever went to: Homecoming. Now before we get started I wanted to warn you, this was three years ago, so I look hideous!

Throwback Thursday | Hawaii 2012

Now, I have shared with you all some important part of my life. I've posted a few post about going to school dances and trip with my friends, but I have yet to share with everyone possibly the best trip I've ever been on. Hawaii!

Senior Year

Monday, I got up very early, 8:30 to be exact, and headed over to my school to register for my senior year in high school! I am very happy with the classes I ended up getting! I ended up getting late arrival, cooking class with my friends Courtney and Hayley. Also, I got math with Tabitha, again! Also, I am very pleased with my school photo. Please keep in mind, this was the best picture I could get. The photo on my ID card is very small.

Throwback Thursday | To the Beach

Last week I shared my trip I took with my church up to Spokane, WA. Now this week, I will be sharing with you the trip I took last November, 2012, to the beach with my church as well!

Day at the Fair

Today, I headed to the fair with my friend Courtney and her friends little sister. This fair is a fair that comes to my town every year on this week. It is a small fair, but it's lots of fun!

Girls Night Out

Tuesday, I went to my friends Tabitha's and Sabryna's house for a girls night! This was a VERY long night, but it was filled with so much fun! 

Liebster Award!

Hello! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Now if you don't know what the Liebster Award is it, no need to worry, I will explain! 

Throwback Thursday | Church Trip

I was very busy yesterday and forgot to post this. So here is yesterdays Throwback!
Last summer, 2012, I joined my church on a trip up to Spokane, WA! It lasted throughout the weekend. It was such a wonderful time, I thought why not share this! There ended up being 14 of us going. 4 adults and ten kids. One the first day, we all pilled into the three cars we had and headed long the Columbia River Gorge and up into Washington.

Rimmel Eye Shadow Primer

For the past week I have been using the Rimmel Exaggerate, Undercover Shadow Primer. I was running low on eye shadow primer and thought I would try this one. So far, it has been working wonderful!

Color Whisper

It has been quiet sometime since I've started using Maybelline Color Whisper lip color! I have mentioned them in a few of my previous blog post, but since then, I have gotten quiet a few that I thought I would write a whole review on them.

New Boots!

Yesterday, I headed out to the Oregon coast for a day trip. Unfortunately it was fogy and cloudy and I was unable to go onto the beach. Instead, I headed over to the shopping center outlets they had there. While there, I heading into Bass (G.H Bass & Co.). I never gotten a pair of shoes at Bass. Only because I thought they were too adult looking for me. Now since I'm almost 18, I realized some of the shoes are wonderful! 

Mall Haul

Last week I went to the mall with my friends Tabitha and Sabryna. While there, I ended up getting more than I bargained for! So, I thought why not share the wonderful things I've gotten.

Throwback Thursday | Prom 2013

This is my first throwback Thursday post. I have so many events to pick out to use, but first I thought I'd share my first prom with you!

Day at the Beach Outfit

This is an outfit I put together that I thought would be cute for the beach.

Day at the beach

Favorite July Product

Some one these products have been my favorite for quite some time now. I thought I would add them to my July favorites though. Also this is my first favorites of the month post, so why not?

Day Out At The Mall

Today I headed over to the mall with my friends Sabryna and Tabitha. We spent hours there and I thought I would share with you us going around the mall. I'm planning to post a video haul and blog post about the things I bought at the mall. So I won't be sharing that part, just yet.

Small Forever 21 Haul

About a week ago, I ordered a few things from Forever 21 online. I thought I would share with you the thing I've gotten. Now, it's not like you can't have enough Union Jack and British things! Now, I think I went a bit over board with this purchase. It was a very small purchase, but the about of Union Jack and British things I got was too much. 

Throwback Thursday!

I thought of a fun tag thing I could do. Since I didn't have blog until a few months ago, I thought why not create a throwback Thursday event tag.

Ever Thursday I will be posting a new throwback on events that have happened in the past of my life. So why not join in? If you do please comment below so I can see your throwback Thursdays!

Daily Make Up 2013

I thought I'd share the process and products I use for my every day daily make up. Now, sometimes I will not use all this. It normally depends on where I am going or how I feel that day. Instead of showing you a lazy day of make up, I thought I'd show you the whole pack load of things I use. I will tell you what is a must for me and what I'd use for certain places I go.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette

Today, on this boring Sunday of mine, I ended up heading over to Sephora. Usually things are not in my price range and I never get anything. This is what I expected today, nothing. I was wrong though! I ended up getting the Naked Urban Decay Basics palette. Excitement fills me and I just had to share the wonderful thing I've gotten. 

Fun Day With Family

Yesterday, I went to my dads work for his promotion. Nearly my whole family came. It was a great experience and I though I'd share with you.  

Day Out in the Garden

The other day I decided to go out and take some pictures of my garden. As normal, in the summer time, Oregon has such lovely days. I took some photos of the flowers my mom has plants in our back yard.

Small Target Haul

(from right) Pin Up Peach, #30;  Petal Rebel, #60; Coral Ambition, #35; Nude Shimmer; #250; and Ravishing Pink, #255
Never in my life was a big fan of Target. Only because it was always far away from where I live and I could get the same things for the same price at my local store just a mile away. I went with my cousin and mom one day to Target to look at something they don't sell in my local store. While there, I forgot how wonderful this place was.

Gustav's Pub & Grill

Before I was born my parents have been going to Gustav's Pub & Grill. With this, I've had Gustav's in my life forever. It has became part of my life and my favorite restaurant!  This pub is only in my location: Portland, OR; Clackamas, OR; Vancouver, WA; Tigard, OR and at the Portland International Airport.  

4th of July 2013

I am very sorry I haven't got around to posting much on here! I was busy finishing up school for the year and I started working, otherwise I've haven't really done nothing. Nothing that would be in any interest to write about. So today, a week later, I thought I would tell you all the fun I had the day before 4th of July and on the 4th of July.

My Travel Bucket List

In my life I've only traveled around the west side of America. I travel around Oregon and Washington a lot! Last year I went on a road trip up around in Idaho and Washington, along the boarder of the States and Canada. I've been to Victoria, B.C., Canada once. When I was five I headed down to Disneyland in California and when I was three I went to Texas for three months. The farthest east I have ever been was Chicago, Illinois. This August, I will be going on my fourth trip to Oahu, Hawaii (keep your eyes out for a post and Youtube vlog of Hawaii soon!). I believe this August will be the last time I'll head for Hawaii for a while. I have such a long list of places I would love to travel to, that I rather head there, than go to Hawaii again and again. So with that, I thought I would post a list of countries/cities I want to travel to.  I call this my travel bucket list! Hope you enjoy!

30 Day Snap #2 | Live Webcam Graduation

Last night, my friend Tabitha, her boyfriend, Alex (for a short time) and I were on Google+ watching our high schools 2013 graduation live.  

We have so many friends that graduated last night, we thought it would be fun to watch them live online, since we couldn't go. It lasted two hours, but I enjoyed it, and so did Tabitha.

30 Day Snap #1 | Growing Up

Today was my friends Jess' graduation party. I'm so glad and happy for her, but at the same time I'm sad to see her go. I hand full of my friends are graduating high school this year (week) and I know next year will be different and strange without them.  I know they will have a wonderful life after high school though and I wish them the best!

30 Day Snap

I know this may be a week late, but I thought it would be too much fun to do! CLICK LINK FOR INFO! I want to document my life as well, so what better way to do that then 30 day snap!:) Starting today until the end of June this is what I'll be doing.  Please join and send me links if you do! I'd love to see what others are up to in the day!

My Top 3 Favorite Lipsticks

                Everyone has personal oppinons on lipsticks, by how it looks on themselves, the colors and textures.  I would like to share in my blog my person favorite brands.  These brands are long lasting and make your lips feel smooth. Also, you may even forget you have lipsticks or lipglosses on.  Some I will be listing are lipsticks, lipglosses and a slight mix between the two. 

1. Rimmel, Kate Moss

How To Treat Acne

How to treat acne:

It you are like me, and get random pimples in spots, and want to get them away fast, there is some wonderful thing to use, that I suggest.

Blog Intro!


Welcome to my blog website. Here, you can find things in my day to day life. I will almost be review new thing I have gotten and events I have experienced. Also, if you would like any tutorials, please contact me with what you please to see. This blog will be forecast mainly on: my life, fashion, beauty, reviews, and traveling. I hope you enjoy! :)

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