Throwback Thursday | Winter Formal 2011

In January 2011, I went to my first winter formal and second dance of high school. Now I was unable to get a hold of photos, so this will be a sort post.
As I always do, I headed over to McKenzie's house and meet my friends before heading over to get some dinner. We went to a small restaurant in my area called Lil' Coppers Town. Pub & Grill.

Now, this was the first time I was able to finally get a dress for a dance! So I was very excited! A photo of me is below of what I looked like that night:

I looked so different! Gasp! Now, the rest of the night was a very fun night. That was until a few friendships ended and I left the dance in tears. 

Above is a photo of me and a few friends. Now, I told you this would be a sort boring post. Maybe I should stop writing about my sad boring times in life I don't want to being back? I think yes! More exciting things will be posted soon, promise!

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