Girls Night Out

Tuesday, I went to my friends Tabitha's and Sabryna's house for a girls night! This was a VERY long night, but it was filled with so much fun! 

At four I headed over to their house and with around twelve other girls. This was possibly the largest and craziest sleep over I've ever been to! Many people left and came. Above in the pictures are Me, Courtney, Sabryna and Tabitha. Now, normally for me I will stick around with the people I know very well, until I get comfortable around others. So that is what I did, hanged out with Courtney, Tabitha and Sabryna for the longest time. 
With that out of the way, we ended up having dinner and watching movies. I believe this was the beginning of our fun!

So, before it got dark and the heat cooled down, we dragged the TV outside and enjoyed the night under the stares! Normally for me it takes a lot out of me to be calm in front of a TV and watch a movie (unless we are at the movie theater!). Now, I mostly just sat in the back, texting. Yes, texting. 

Once the first movie was over, I was in the mood to let the party beginning, once the sun went down! When I'm at a party, it can get slightly out of hand. I act like a lady, but party like there is no tomorrow! I suggest playing a game, so we end up dragging the Game of Life. My friends, Courtney, Sabryna, Hannah and Karly joined me in the fun old game. We each for fun planned our whole life out! 

Sabryna was an artiest making $40,000 and was married to Jack (and I mean Jack Harries from Jacksgap). Hannah was a (I might be wrong) accountant. Courtney had a job as a teacher making $70,000 and her husbands was a French game with the name that start with a letter P. As you can tell, my memory doesn't last much threw the week with little things. And the last person I can remembers life was me. I was a doctor making $100,000 and married Niall Horan. Yes, I know, we were slightly acting like 13 years old, but you are never to young to act like a kid!

This game did not last long because we decided to listen to music and have a big old dance party, which lead us all the way to doing a Harlem Shake. Yes, that is over with, it has sailed, but why not for fun? Right?
Being so very tired, all of us decided to relax by watching a movie. Once the movie was over, we played truth or dare. I was slightly tired and wanted to be in a quiet calm place so me and Courtney went inside and talked.  Above in the picture is Courtney and I laying in bed. We tried to pretend we were sleeping, but I failed with laughing.

By four, everyone came inside and joined us to 'go to bed'. Now, this is were a major problem began! We all decided to have a all nighter, which wasn't good for Courtney. She has never stayed up past 2 (possibly) in her life. That night though, was her first time doing so. She was in no condition to act like a normal person. We ended up doing crazy things and talk about things we never really ever talk about. At once point, she turned her flashlight on her iPhone and started to make shadow puppets. You can see below a picture of a heart shadow on the ceiling. 

Also, Courtney had work at 7 and by 5 decided to just leave and head home. Everyone else decided to go to sleep. Me being lonely, I headed into Tabitha's room, where she finally woke up and hanged out with her for four hours. Like Courtney we talked about the most random things. 

By 9, I was called home by my mom to go help my grandma that afternoon. So all in all, my all nighter last an extra day! Word or advice, make sure you have time to catch up on your sleep after staying up ALL night.

That was my very crazy Tuesday night with my friends. Please comment below and don't forget to follow! ALSO, go check out Sabryna's vlog of the sleep over! 

Here is the picture of Courtney's heart shadow:

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