Throwback Thursday | Prom 2013

This is my first throwback Thursday post. I have so many events to pick out to use, but first I thought I'd share my first prom with you!
Prom was on the 11th of May, 2013. That week it was very hot out and it turned out to be very warm that night. Perfect for wearing some dresses around! There was no need for coats, which is always wonderful! I ended up finding my dress two weeks before the dance. Also, it was the second dress I ever tried on for Prom!

I feel in love with this dress! The theme was Hollywood and I thought this was the most perfect dress! I ended up getting it as Sears for about $218. Best quality dress I could have!



I headed over to my friend McKenzie's house and meet up with some of my other friends to go out to dinner.

We wanted to go to Old Spaghetti Factory but they were packed and we were unable to get in. So,  we ended up at Red Robin.Classy right? It was a pretty good time. After we finally headed to Prom!
I had a wonderful time at Prom! There was a chocolate fountain, a bar. Don't worry the were making free Italian sodas! The DJ was great. So great everyone ended up rock out hard to Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake and the a couple of old 50's, 60's music. I was worn out my the end of the night. I couldn't hear or walk. It was all good though, I ended up recovering the next day!

Here is a fun picture of my friends standing by the cop car. We tried to make it look like we got arrested, but it didn't work out well. 

It was a great dance and I'm very excited for Prom next year! See you soon for next weeks throwback Thursday! Don't forget to comment below if you are joining me in throwback Thursday! Also, don't forget to follow!

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