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Hello, I'm Katelyn. I live in the Portland, Oregon, USA area of this great world we live in. For nearly 4 years I have been writing post that cover tips and advice on how to smoothly get through your late teens and early twenties. Now, keep in mind, I many be past my teenage years, but I am still in my early twenties. When I discover or experience an event, I love to write a blog post to share with the world what I think is the best way of approaching the situations or events. Besides experiences and life events, I love to focus on the little things that are fun in life. A few of these things are food, fashion, beauty, travel, and the little things in life.

I enjoy posting the delicious places to go and the food to try. An example for one of the best blog post I have, covering the types of food I share is the Delicious Tomato Avocado Melts. In these foods post, I love to give a detail description on how to create meals. I think you get a great, new treats to try from here. Also, I show you the restaurants I go to. I focus on telling and showing everyone the food the offer and what I recommend. Jade Teahouse & Patissrie is a great bog post example of mine focusing on the restaurant I eat at.
Now, I love fashion and beauty, but as the years go on I learn more and more of what to do and what not to do. Here on my blog, you will learn with me. I love to share the current fashion apparel I bought at the mall and the current make up I wear. I love to share with others what I recommend to use and wear and what I don't recommend.
Another area I focus on, on my blog, is college. At the moment, I am in my third year of college. I am half way to completing my bachelor of arts degree in history and sociology. I have been attending college for the past two years and I want to share with others on how to get through college. I've learned many of the easy ways and the hard ways throughout college. On my blog, post guides and tips on how to survive however many years you spend at college. One thing about my college post are, they don't focus entirely on university. For the first two years, I went to community college. My posts help you through community college and university. At the moment, this will be my main focus on my blog, don't worry I won't forget about the rest. I hope this becomes very useful to many of my readers.
These are such a few of the thing I focus on. My blog also touches the top of travel, lifestyle, and many more. I hope to see you around on my blog and hear from you. Don't be shy to comment your thoughts on my blog posts and to click the follow button off to the right! Thanks for joining me on this wonderful thing called life. :)

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