Create Christmas Lantern for Cheap!

Hi, all! I'm back for a new blog post, a Christmas blog post. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America, but I've been doing something Christmas decorating. After tomorrow the Christmas lights, music, and décor will be in full swing. Today, I will be covering how to create this awesome lantern for Christmas for CHEAP!

All you will need for this project is:
-A lantern
-Battery lights
-Christmas bulbs (two+ color preferred)
  The lantern I used for this project was a lantern I got at IKEA. This color worked best in my room; that is why it is light blue. IKEA provides other colors such as silver, black, and red. Instead of buying another lantern, I decided to sit with the one I already own. During Christmas the dedicated colors aren't red and green, white, blue, silver, gold, pink and many other colors also come into play. The light blue doesn't not both me when creating the project. If you are in need of a lantern, go out and buy one that can go with this Christmas lantern project and one that will fit into your house.
Next, the lights. During the Halloween season, I found $3 LED lights. These are cheap! Usually, you can go to a local store or craft store and buy a set for $20. I recommend buying a string of lights that are battery operated. This works better so you can place your lantern anywhere you like without having to search for a plugin.
For the Christmas bulbs, I bought SMALL, the smallest size you can find. The size of your lantern determines the size of the bulbs you buy. This lantern is pretty small, so I bought the smallest size bulbs I could find. I found small sparkly red and gold bulbs at The Dollar Store.
Also at the Dollar Store, you can buy Christmas ribbon. The ribbon I used was one I already had from I project I did a few months ago. The Dollar Store ribbon is a cheap and great deal, and you can use it for anything.
Now, how to put the project together. Before I start to tell you how to put everything together, I would like to inform you that this will be slightly messy. Don't be a perfectionist on placing everything inside the lantern. First, take the lights and place them inside of the lantern. The LED Target one I bought had a wire string. This worked perfectly when playing and rearranging the lights later.  Once the lights are inside, start to fill the lantern with bulbs. This is where it can get messy. For the Dollar Store sparkly bulbs, glitter got EVERYWHERE! At first, I started to place each bulb in one at a time, and this didn't work for long. I decided to open both boxes and pour them into the lantern. I made sure the entire lantern was filled to the top. Once the lights and bulbs were inside, I rearranged the lights so they shine and can be seen. Lastly, I placed the ribbon on top of the lantern handle. I recommend creating a beautiful ribbon bow. I was unable to because I didn't have enough ribbon to create a bow. Instead, I tied the ribbon.
All done! Now, go place your lantern someplace in your house where everyone can see your beautiful Christmas art.
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