Fall & Winter Candles | Bath & Body Works

With fall coming to an end and winter starting I thought I would share my favorite fall & winter candles I've used this year.

Beautiful Cities and Towns in France

A city people often think that represents France, is Paris. Paris is the number one top famous city in France, not to mention one of the top famous in the world. While traveling throughout France, I visited many wonderful town/cities. Paris was a wonderful city, but there are many wonderful cities to visit. Of course Paris will always be number one on my list. In this post I wanted to focus on other places to visit besides Paris.

Nice Day in Fall

With fall in the air, my boyfriend, Alex, and I went to the look out in the town we live in. It was a perfect night to enjoy before winter and the rain came.

Christmas Bazaar

Jiggle bells! Jiggle bells!
The holiday Christmas season is coming! This week I went with my mom and grandma to a Christmas bazaar.

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