Christmas Décor

It is December! That means Christmas is arriving and the holidays have began. Christmas is the number one holiday throughout the whole year when my home gets decked out. I would like to show you all the beautiful decorations my mom and I put around the house.

Black Friday Haul 2015

Black Friday was a crazy successful year of 2015. My best friend Courtney and I got up before the crack of dawn and headed out to find some deals.
We ran into so many good deal, and I am here to give you a haul of everything I bought.

Fall & Winter Candles | Bath & Body Works

With fall coming to an end and winter starting I thought I would share my favorite fall & winter candles I've used this year.

Beautiful Cities and Towns in France

A city people often think that represents France, is Paris. Paris is the number one top famous city in France, not to mention one of the top famous in the world. While traveling throughout France, I visited many wonderful town/cities. Paris was a wonderful city, but there are many wonderful cities to visit. Of course Paris will always be number one on my list. In this post I wanted to focus on other places to visit besides Paris.

Nice Day in Fall

With fall in the air, my boyfriend, Alex, and I went to the look out in the town we live in. It was a perfect night to enjoy before winter and the rain came.

Christmas Bazaar

Jiggle bells! Jiggle bells!
The holiday Christmas season is coming! This week I went with my mom and grandma to a Christmas bazaar.

1st Anniverisery


It has been a wonderful, lovely year, and a fast one too. I couldn't be happier to be dating Alex. On August 1st, I have been dating my best friend for a year.

Recent Purchase | LED Light

Recently I bought an LED letter 'K' light. For a while I have been searching for one of these. I never can find the right letter for my name. I wanted a K so I can always have it, my first name after all begins with a K.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

About a month ago I bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. I thought this would be a fun little gadget to have. The mini 8 is a fun camera to take special pictures with. At first, it looked like any ordinary Polaroid camera (which it is not a Polaroid at all, FYI), I was wrong. It's much more.

eos Shave Cream

I have been using eos shaving cream for two weeks now. It was fabulous! I've never used a shaving cream like this before. It keeps my legs smooth and moisturized for the rest of the day. Even the next day, my legs are moisturized.

4th of July 2015

Independence day is one of my favorite holidays. The fun summer nights, watching fireworks with my friends. The smell of fireworks, the cold breeze I can feel, and the night sky I can see. There's so much to love about the 4th of July. This year was a different experience.

How to Survive Your First Year of College

After graduating high school, many may head to college straight away, some may attend college some time in life, and some may never go. Whatever decision you make is up to, don't let others hold you back. Right after high school, the following fall, I started college. I attended a community college. Throughout my first year I was a full time student, with a job and life events occurring around me I had to deal with. This last June I completed my first year of college. When starting I didn't know what to expect. I was told it would be nothing like high school. This is true, but I did not think of it in the aspect it was truly meant in.

EF Tours Review | Paris, Provence and the French Riviera

In October 2013, I found out about a life changing event, I could make a reality. My high schools French teacher signed up to bring a group of 10 or more people to the country France. The tour group the teacher chose to use was EF tours. The tour he chose was called Paris, Provence, and the French Riviera.** On July 5, 2014 I departed for France. A dream I had for quite some time.

One Year Ago | Graduation

No one ever thinks the day they get to wear their cap and gown, walk on the stage, get your name called out into the speaker for all to hear, is ever going to happen. High school seems to drag on for years, and years. I promise these, teenagers one thing, it will happen one day. Keep your requirements of your school up the best you can. Even if they are the lowest they can be. One day, you will graduate!

Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo Review

This last week, I sadly came to find out my favorite lipstick was discontinued. All weekend I've been on the hunt for a new lipstick. While at Sephora, I found a new brand, that I've never heard of, Bite. At $12 I found Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo, by Bite Beauty.

In the Garden | Spring 2015

This weekend, I spent some time out in the garden. It was a beautiful day. I thought I would share some of the photos I took. Enjoy.

Date Night | Olive Garden

On Saturday night, my boyfriend, Alex, and I went out on a date. We've been on many dates before, but this one, for some reason, was very special. I love Olive Garden, and I wanted to post about the wonderful date I had, and what I got to eat.

Nonsense, Pointless Post | My Thoughts and Message

A small 12 year old girl sat in her room writing. Writing about anything that came to her mind. Writing so many different genres possible. She had no writing skills. She was in a special reading class, but yet, she did what she loved. What she loved was writing.
From love stories, historical fiction stories, fan fiction, biographies, poems, getting a poem published, daily journals, to blog post, she continued what she has loved for years.

My Life Goals

I ran into a post by Sazbomb, consisting of a list of her goals in life. I got inspired to write my own. Many people have similar goals to one another. Some of mine may be the same as yours or your best friend. These all have a personal meaning to me, like everyone's goals do. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to express on the internet, yes, the internet, something I don't do much, on my 10 personal goals and why I have them.

Cupcake Baking with Katelyn and Friends

Last Sunday, my best friend, Courtney, and I were spending the day together. We were heading over to my boyfriend, Alex's, house. I had the sudden erg to bake something. After some time thinking about what to make, be decided on cupcakes.

France Through My Eyes | Metro

With the three fabulous days in Paris, it's very hard not to miss the metro. Unless you decided to take a cab across the city to places you want to go. These are some of the crazy experience I had while on the metro. 

France Through My Eyes | Notre Dame

With sliding down the cathedrals walls, talking gargoyles, molten copper covering the building and peaceful sounds of large bells ringing up in the towers. Although the beautiful sound of the bells weren't so peaceful while in the bell tower. By reading this I'm hoping a Disney movie comes to mind. If not, I'm talking about The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While watching this moving, you almost feel sucked back in time to 1482. In modern day, you don't have talking gargoyles or a man with a large hunchback climbing the outside walls. Despite this wonderful Disney movie, none of this actually happened. In my mind, watching this movie brings back memories of visiting this breath taking cathedral.


This weekend I headed over to IKEA and got some accessories for my room. My room is in need of change and upgrade. What better place to get new home accessories than IKEA?

France Photo Edits

With all the amazing photos I have of the trip I took to France this last summer, I decided to do some photo edits. These are black and white, with a certain color highlighted. I thought it was a cool photo edit to use on my France photos.

Panera Bread

This week I went to Panera. I've seen this place many times, but never been inside. This is my first time going to Panera, and I wish I started a long time ago. At Panera, they sell sandwiches, soup, and other pasty goods. There's many things to order here. You can sit down and enjoy your food once you order, or take it to go and enjoy it in your cozy home.

Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is one of my favorite stores! I've been shopping here for quiet a while. If I didn't have self control, my bank account would be in trouble and would be drained. I would buy this whole store if I could. I'm no billionaire though.
I wanted to put together a review of this wonderful shop. When I was there recently, I decided to take a couple pictures of the place.


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France Through My Eyes | Departure

On July 5, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. I took a 18 hour flight to Paris, France. Bright and early in the morning I got up and drove to PDX airport. There I meet up with my tour group. There was 10 of us and we were all very excited to travel to France for our first time. Sleep was out of the question and in the back of our minds we were thrilled for this trip of a lifetime.

France Through My Eyes | Intro

On July 5, 2014 I embarked on an a life changing adventure, for someone like me. With EF Tours, a group of friends, and my high school's French teacher, we headed to France. With six different flights, twenty-one cities, and one country, we traveled and saw some major high lights of France in 9 days.

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