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No one ever thinks the day they get to wear their cap and gown, walk on the stage, get your name called out into the speaker for all to hear, is ever going to happen. High school seems to drag on for years, and years. I promise these, teenagers one thing, it will happen one day. Keep your requirements of your school up the best you can. Even if they are the lowest they can be. One day, you will graduate!

It's crazy to think one year ago, today, I graduated high school! With 14 years of my life dedicated to school, okay, okay only half dedicated, I finally graduated! This was a large achievement to complete, for anyone.
I spent three waiting long hours for the ceremony to start. The moment felt like it was very going to come. My class waited and waited. Some of us played games, chatted with our friends, or did anything to pass the time. Luckily for one of my friends, I got a couple pictures of me and my friends while waiting.

There's not much to say. I sat waiting to get my name called for an hour. Many speeches were said, other things I don't remember happened. Then I sat waiting to get my name called. It's no fun when you're at the end of the list either. As you can see in the picture below, I was very excited and happy.

The one fun thing I got to look forward to, after graduation, was the after party. My school host an all night after party. We weren't able to take any pictures, which makes me very sad. It was so much fun! The school got us a spa for the whole night. There were a couple of pools, a couple of saunas, hot tubes, games, and a large eating/drinking area. It was a lot of fun! If your school has an after party for graduation, I highly recommend you go!
Life after graduating is amazing. You feel free to do anything you please. A month after graduating, I went to France, I started college in the fall, got my first job, and my life has changed much more than just that. My life has become better, and it has become mine.

Have you graduated yet? Are you excited to graduate? I know I was!
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