7 Tips You Should Apporach With Your Cat

Getting a new pet can be so exciting! It's the time when you get to know your little buddy and they get to know you. During this time you may be able to train them, feed them, take them on walks, and much more. That is if your pet is a dog or a cat. Regardless of the animal, we all treat our pets the same, with love. I have had two cats my whole life. My first cat, Bootsie, came into my life when I was 5. She died when I was 18. Throughout that time I was too young to understand how to care for a pet. 

Delicious Tomato Avocado Melts

Love toast in the morning, but tired of putting plain ol' melted butter on top? If yes, here is a great, new, breakfast or even lunch. All it consists of is tomato's, avocados, cheese and of course bread. These delicious melts will make you coming back for more. Here's how to make this delicious tomato avocado melts.

New Journals and Planner You Absolutely Need!

I went to Target this week to search for new college items. I will soon find out what dorm I got. I'm very nervous about moving away from home, so I went shopping for school. Yes, I know it is only July and I leave for school in September, but I needed to do this for my sanity. Now, lets get to talking about these awesome journals!

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