Panera Bread

This week I went to Panera. I've seen this place many times, but never been inside. This is my first time going to Panera, and I wish I started a long time ago. At Panera, they sell sandwiches, soup, and other pasty goods. There's many things to order here. You can sit down and enjoy your food once you order, or take it to go and enjoy it in your cozy home.


I went with my mom and we got pick 2 meal. This came with a soup of your choice, a sandwich of your choice, and the option of bread, fruit or salad.

I got broccoli cheese soup, with bread, and a turkey cranberry sandwich. This filled me right up, and I never got to finish my sandwich. The turkey sandwich came on pita bread. It easily feel out though. Besides that, it was one of the best sandwiches I've had in my life, and I love sandwiches! My mom got the same thing, but instead of broccoli soup, she got chicken noodle with carrots.


We loved our food at Panera! I highly recommend going to Panera. The service was great, the food is fabulous, and over all a wonderful, cute place to eat..
If you have tried Panera, please comment below on your thoughts. I would love to read them!
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