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A small 12 year old girl sat in her room writing. Writing about anything that came to her mind. Writing so many different genres possible. She had no writing skills. She was in a special reading class, but yet, she did what she loved. What she loved was writing.
From love stories, historical fiction stories, fan fiction, biographies, poems, getting a poem published, daily journals, to blog post, she continued what she has loved for years.
I'm not a professional writer. I will say right now I'm not a special person. I am a young woman who sits at her computer for hours, writing. Writing a blog post about things I've done in my life. I know many people do not care what I'm what I am up to in life. I won't deny it, I hope and wish to become a popular blogger. To have this happen, I need to take it slow. For now, my blog is a personal diary, on the internet, that I'll have forever.
Some advice I love to give is, it doesn't matter how many followers you have, or how popular you are. If you work hard to achieve your goal, it will come true. Don't give up. Keep moving forward.
Many blog posts I have are pointless to everyday life. I like to share my life. I have NO desire to have a stalking creep watching my life and finding out who I am and where I live. I post pictures, I will give the first names of others I know won't have any problem with it. I refuse to give out addresses, direct location of the city I live in, job names of any friend and/or family, and I refuse to give out full names.
This blog post is for why I like to write, and to help motivate others to become happier. A question I have for you is, would you like me to write motivating post? I have strong advice to give others to become motivated, happier, etc. To point out, I am no professional at this. I do it for fun. I give advice and motivation to my friends and family, and they enjoy it.
To wrap it up, I am here, writing blog posts, because I love it. It's a hobby of mine. I've loved it for many years. Also, I'm here to help people in need. Recently I've felt I've needed to write a post about nothing. Okay, no, not nothing, but my thoughts, my goals for this blog.
I can understand if no one is interested, but it feels good to get your feelings out into words. That is what I have done in this blog post.
If you have ANY questions, comments, or suggestions, please comment below!
Kate. <3

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