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With the three fabulous days in Paris, it's very hard not to miss the metro. Unless you decided to take a cab across the city to places you want to go. These are some of the crazy experience I had while on the metro. 
In my option, the metro was the craziest and worst place I went to in Paris. I didn't like the thought of being underground in a dirty place. There were many people, and it was a confusing place to be. The hotel I stayed at had a metro entrance, across the street, named Val de Fontenay.
Inside the metro, you buy your ticket, I don't know much about this because Pascal, my tour guide, did all this for us. All I know is, you put your ticket threw the machine. The gates unlock for you to open them, and walk through. The easy part is, walking to the right train to take you to your next destination. Yes, it is easy, if you know French. For me, it was very difficult. Some names I remembered and some I didn't.

While on the train, you have to pay close attention to how close your stop is. When getting off, let alone getting on, you need to be fast. The metro train doors are only open for a certain amount of time. When getting on or off there could be many people doing both. You need to push your way through and get your bum on the train.
In my tour group, we stood out a lot. We were a large group of teenagers, loud American teenagers may I add. Being loud is not a good thing to be on the metro. Normally everyone is quiet or they don't speak at all. Our group, was the total opposite. If you were in one cart talking, someone from your group on the other cart, at the other end, could hear you. I know because this happened to me. Word of advice, talk quiet or don't talk at all. :)

In this post I wanted to add some crazy memories I had in the metro. These memories aren't good ones for a heads up. Some know any underground train system to possibly have creepy people on them. I'm not saying it's all rays of sunshine and daisies, far from it! Many of the people in the metro are there to get from one place to another. Then there's the others- The pickpockets, the homeless, the actual creep, the drunk, and much more.
One memory that stood out to me most was the creep. This man followed our tour group all throughout the metro, until we got to our destination. At first he didn't cross my mind that he was following us. Until I saw him on the third train. Then when we got out, the tour group met up to make sure we had everyone, he did as well. He hid in the back behind these others. This didn't happen only once, multiple times. It scared me, so I told my dear friend Alex- this is one of the reasons why I love him so dearly and I'm proud to call him my boyfriend. Alex got mad about this, and started following the guy, who followed my group. He was about to confront the guy, when he finally ran away.

Another memory, while waiting for the train to arrive, was this drunk man. He was very drunk and walking all over the place. Honestly, it scared me and I tried to ignore it. The train finally arrived and we got on. Half way through the ride, all trains stopped. We got an announcement saying someone has fallen on the tracks. Of course, we all thought the drunk man fell on the tracks and died. I never found out the whole story, nor would I like to.

That was my metro experience. Not the best one. I do hope I never have to go on it again. But if I want to go back to Paris someday I may have to.

Have you taken the metro before? If so, did you like it?
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