Beautiful Cities and Towns in France

A city people often think that represents France, is Paris. Paris is the number one top famous city in France, not to mention one of the top famous in the world. While traveling throughout France, I visited many wonderful town/cities. Paris was a wonderful city, but there are many wonderful cities to visit. Of course Paris will always be number one on my list. In this post I wanted to focus on other places to visit besides Paris.
Out of 21 cities, I would love to share my top cities I loved out of all cities/towns I've visited in France. Some didn't make it to the list because I didn't visit the town/city enough.

All cities are out of order. Below, I'll be listing my top 5 cities I loved. Enjoy!
1. Avignon, France
 Avignon is a town in Provence of France. This is one of the most busiest cities in Provence I visited. Avignon has many performers. It was an interesting place to visit. The famous Popes Palace is in Avignon. This palace is very large and takes some time to look at.
2. Saint Paul de Vence, France
 First, I must say this has to be one of my favorite towns I traveled to! Saint Paul de Vence is a quiet little town on top of a hill, over looking the French Riviera cities, and the Mediterranean Sea. I've always pictures a town like this, and I finally found one. Many shops cover the town. For being such a small town, you would never know when in the depths of the streets. Thousands of tiny streets move throughout Saint Paul de Vence. You could easily get lost or loose someone there, but that may be why I liked it. One thing I am add, if anyone visits this town, go to the bathroom before. I only found two bathroom. These two bathroom were the worst I've ever seen! If you wish to go in a cellar-like bathroom or a out house made of wood, be my guest.
3. Uzes, France
Uzes is a small town placed in the Provence of France. While traveling around Provence, I stayed in this town for two nights. This is another beautiful town in France. It's very quiet and secluded. The way the town looks is a small replica of Paris, without the packs of people. I only got to explore this town late at night. Night life is very quiet. Many shops and restaurants are closed after nine, on the weekdays. It is a beautiful town.

4. Les Baux-de-Provence, France
 Les Baux-de-Provence is a quiet small town in Provence of France. Only a small handful of residents live here. On the day I visited, I hardly ran into anyone. My tour group arriving, minding you the group had forty people, populated the town two times. This town is on a large hill. All streets are small enough to not let a car in, maybe a little car though. Les Baux-de-Provence has a beautiful, small church located on the top of the hill. Shops outline the streets, all around the city. I love quiet towns and this was perfect.
5. Cassis, France 
 Cassis is the place to ride boats, tan on the beach, and swim. I explored the beaches and small shops around the sea more than I did deep into the city. While here, I went on a boat ride and explored the sea. After, I laid on the beach and enjoyed the sun. This is a beautiful place to explore if you want to enjoy a hot sunny day in France.
Have you been to any of theses towns?
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