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It has been quiet sometime since I've started using Maybelline Color Whisper lip color! I have mentioned them in a few of my previous blog post, but since then, I have gotten quiet a few that I thought I would write a whole review on them.
Color Whisper must have to be the best lip color I could find! I can't stand the dryness of lipstick and I love lip gloss, but it never stays on long enough for me. With Color Whisper, I have no problem at all! It is a mix of both lip gloss and lipstick. You may look at them and say it is lipstick, but I was caught in between the two for a while trying to decide what they were. It comes on as smooth as both lipstick and lip gloss. As shine is given when put on and personally don't give me the texture of lipstick that I don't like.

This year, so far, I have gotten six Color Whispers.  Above I have: 1. Nude Shimmer; 2. Pin Up Peach; 3. Coral Ambition; 4.Cherry On Top; 5.Petal Rebel; and 6. Ravishing Pink.

Before I continue, I must add (1) Nude Shimmer and (6) Ravishing Pink, I bought at the beginning of the yea and for as long as I know, they are either not sold or have been renamed into something else. 

Now each do end up having a shade a pink, that I do need with my skin color. Also, you make notice I have used most of them a lot! I just recently bought (4). Cherry On Top. 

Each gives off a wonderful color, expect, (1) Nude Shimmer, does not give any color at all. If you want a good, firm color, I recommend, out of these six, (4) Cherry On Top or (2) Pin Up Peach. I use these to complete all the touches on my make up everyday. If you either are on the run or don't mind what color you have on, I suggest the others. 

For price, it varied. When I bought the first few they were $7, now they have gone down in price to $5. 

These six probably aren't the only ones I will be getting, and (4) Cherry On Top is for sure not the last one I will buy, but I thought I would share the ones I do own and how wonderful they are. 

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