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Last week I went to the mall with my friends Tabitha and Sabryna. While there, I ended up getting more than I bargained for! So, I thought why not share the wonderful things I've gotten.
First, I'd like to share with you the skirt I bought at Forever 21. I got this for $7.80. I normally don't like or buy skirt, but I couldn't pass this one up! The pattern on the skirt has a verity of pink roses. These color seemed to lean more into fall colors, but I would end up wearing this skirt anytime of year.

The second shop I headed to was Sephora. I always loved Sephora, but never got the chance to try their eye shadows. While there, I found these two eye shadows on sale for $5. Now this was a big deal for me because I see them for regular $13. Now, I'm not sure how much the large, two pack, eye shadow is, but I'm guess more than the one small shadow?

Anyways, I couldn't pass it up and got these two. The first one I got (#1) is called Intense Black and the other one I got (#2) is called My Boyfriend in Jeans. I have yet to try these and I'm very excited to do so.

While at the mall, I thought, why not stop into Icing? I haven't been for ages, so thought I would go in and see what they now have in stock. For those who don't know what Icing is, it is a similar store like Claire's. Instead, I personally, find it more young adult, adult like. Compared to Claire's that is more for younger ages. 

While at Icing, I came across a bunch of pictures on sale. After having a hard time choosing, I went for the Marilyn Monroe and the Audrey Hepburn photos.  For those who wonder what the Marilyn Monroe one says, it says: "I sin, but I'm not the devil. I'm good, but I'm not an angel."

These were 50% off, so I ended up getting two for the price of one. Which was $4 each. 

Also at the mall, I ran into Charlotte Russe. I got these pairs of earnings. I went into Charlotte Russe for one thing and one thing imparticuler! I lost my large diamond ears I love to wear. I knew this store sold them, so I was on the hunt! As you can see, the middle set, I ended up getting some! Yay! Even if there was more than one pair of earning, I wasn't going to pass it up! I even feel in love with the gold diamond bows. 

I bought this set for $5. Which, is a little pricing for me, but I couldn't pass it up.

Talking about Icing and Claire's, I had to go to Claire's to get my dearies little cousin Sara a present. I did get her two things, but I don't want to share just in case she reads this. 

I've been to Claire's one other time this past couple most and keep eyeing these lovely Union Jack earnings. Now, I know it may seem I have a Union Jack problem and earnings problem, which I do, but these were so amazing! They are made to seem like real flags, since they flop everywhere. While there, I was debating whether to buy the Union Jacks or the American flag ones. Knowing I already have so much Union Jack things, I was set to get the American flag ones. Unfortunately, I found a part of them broken, which lead me to getting to Union Jacks. I bought these for $6. 

That was almost everything I bought last week at the mall, not including Sara's present. I had such a wonderful time with my friends and hope to go shopping once again before school starts!
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