My Top 3 Favorite Lipsticks

                Everyone has personal oppinons on lipsticks, by how it looks on themselves, the colors and textures.  I would like to share in my blog my person favorite brands.  These brands are long lasting and make your lips feel smooth. Also, you may even forget you have lipsticks or lipglosses on.  Some I will be listing are lipsticks, lipglosses and a slight mix between the two. 

1. Rimmel, Kate Moss

To start, my favorite lipstick is Rimmel, Kate Moss.  As below, are only a selected four colors out of many.  These are my perosn favorite colors that go with my skin and make my face blend together, instead of having blight lips that take a lot of attention away from the rest of my face. It that is what you plese to have, these colors may not be for you.  The color I have in my bag daily, if I need some lipstick, and this Rimmel brand is the best for the moment, color 104 (far right) is the one I grab.  It blends into my lips well and doesn't bring right colors to my face.  Also, below I have a picture showing the color on the lips.

2. Revlon, Super Lustrous Lipstick
I never concidered Revoln, super lustrous lipstick, in fact, I never heard of it, until my mother bought one and didn't get the right color to match her and giving it to me.  I really enjoy this lipstick and it is the best color for me.  Like Rimmel, Kate Moss, it lasts long and blends with my everyday look, for my face.  I own color number 643, (name) Satin Plum, which you can see below.  Before you put negative thoughts towards it and disagree that the color is not meant for you, the color is not what it really is on the lips.  The displace color was the reason my mother bought it, she loves dark red, purple colors.  Once she put it on, that dark misterious purple, turned into a dark, but light shade of pink plum. 

3. Color Whisper

Color Whisper is a lipstick/lipbalm type of lip product. I waited weeks to pick these up in my local store,when I did I picked up color 250, Nude Shimmer and 255, Ravishing Pink. Color Whisper colors are not close to displaced colors in the tubes. When I first put Nude Shimmer on, a barly shade of pink appeared on my face.  The name, Nude shimmer really expresses what the color displaces.  It is a nude color for your lips and it does shimmer.  I only use this at moments that aren't required a lot of color to my lips, but I am in need for something on my lips.  The other color, Ravishing Pink, is a dark purple rose color.  Again, like Revlon, my mother bought this color, disliked it and handed it over to myself.  For me, this color brings something to my lips, but nothing at the same time.  I would rate it at a hight level.

         <-Ravishing Pink

Nude Shimmer->

These are my top three lipsticks/lipbalms that I really enjoy.  I hope to make a part two of my favorites, because I have many more lip produces I love.

If you enjoyed this or it helped, please comment below your lovely thoughts.  I would love to read them and I will reply back.  Please contact me anytime if you have any questions or request.


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