Fun Day With Family

Yesterday, I went to my dads work for his promotion. Nearly my whole family came. It was a great experience and I though I'd share with you.  

After, my aunt, uncle, two cousins, parents and grandparents went out to dinner at Gustav's. Yum! It was much fun! The picture above is my cousin Emily and I at Gustav's. Dinner was filled with much laughs and wonderful times.

After dinner, I headed to my cousins house. This was a slight experience for me because I didn't have clothes with me. It was a last minute thing and I thought why not? 

This was just a small post of what I've done today. Since I wanted to write about all the fun things I've been doing so here it is. Tomorrow should be even more fun since it's Emily's birthday. That is all I have today. Don't forget to follow and comment!

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