The Sims 3 Expansion Pack Challenge (This is a one time blog post)

Hello! If you are a Sims player like me, welcome! If not, continue reading and maybe you can join the fun in playing the Sims. Also, for all of you wondering about where my blog will be going, it will not be Sims based. I will continue to write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I am posting this challenge on here to gain more interest for others.

I have been watching Koffee, a Sim YouTuber, videos. She started a new Let's Play. It features one person, male or female. This one person participates in ONE single expansion pack. In the next generation, this person will focus on one single expansion pack. There is a twist though. With every generation, they must focus on the expansion pack that came out in order. So, with the first Sim generation you ever play, will focus on World Adventures Expansion Pack. Then, the next generation will focus on the second released expansion pack, Ambitions. This will continue so on until all the expansion packs are completed.
With the rules now. I don't believe Koffee stated this in the first part video, but I will be stating the rules and something's I would like to add.
First, when do you know the expansion pack challenge is complete for a Sim and you can move onto the next generation? To answer this question, a Sim must use almost all the features provided in the expansion pack. I do not say all because that is difficult and a lot of work. An example is, with World Adventures, go to every town there is (e.g. France, Egypt, and China).
Second, you can not move on to the next generation until your Sim has completed their aspiration. That is final. With aspirations, you must choose one that is a feature in the current expansion pack. It does not matter what aspiration you choose, easy or hard. Once that is completed, you may continue to the next generation (unless you are unable to from the other rules).
Third, another reason you are not allowed to move onto the next generation is if your Sim's child is not a young adult or older.

Please use everything you can from the expansion pack you need to focus on. Don't mix expansion packs together. You are allowed to use any stuff packs and other addition items to the game. If it comes from an expansion pack, think about it. Can you use it or not? Does it come from the current expansion pack I am focusing on? Think of those questions when using items.
Have fun with this challenge! Please contact me, letting me know if you are doing the challenge. I would LOVE you read what you all have to say about it and the progress you are making with it. I will be posting more blogs on updates about where I am in the challenge under my Sims 3 username Katergirl. I will not be posting them on here. You will need to add me on if you would like to follow this challenge. Also, if I need to add and update the rules I will edit this post and also inform you all in the future posts.
Until next time!

   Here is the list of expansion packs in order of release dates:
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
  • Late Night
  • Generations
  • Pets
  • Showtime
  • Supernatural
  • Seasons
  • University Life
  • Island Paradise
  • Into the Future

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