Throwback Thursday | Homecoming 2010


For my first throwback I shared my last and first prom I went to. Now, I wanted to share with you the first high school dance I ever went to: Homecoming. Now before we get started I wanted to warn you, this was three years ago, so I look hideous!
So, in October, 2010, was my first homecoming dance I ever been to, let alone first high school dance! A few days before I ended up passing out in the mall, causing me to never get a dress. I had to use a ugly one I had stored in my closet. Luckily I got rid of the thing!

So, as I did prom this year, I headed over to my friend McKenzie's house to meet up with everyone. After we all got ready, we headed to the dance. Now, of course with this being my first dance I thought it was an amazing time! Now that I have been to many, I wouldn't call it my favorite.

That was all I could share with you all, I can't remember much, since it was so long ago, but thought I would. I'm sorry this was a rather boring post!

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