Day at the Fair

Today, I headed to the fair with my friend Courtney and her friends little sister. This fair is a fair that comes to my town every year on this week. It is a small fair, but it's lots of fun!
Most of the fair is filled with shops and food courts. A small section has rides. Which we headed to first!

These pictures are just two of the many rides we went onto. The park for rides was pretty small, but we only ended up going to four out of the few they had. Above is a picture of me in the bumper cars and the last one is of Courtney and her friend Jess in the bear ride. I can't remember what the ride is called.

After we became hungry and went to the food courts! We spend a big majority of our time there. I ended up getting a hot dog, which I never have and an iced tea. Courtney got curly fries and Jess, a taco salad. 

Those pictures make me very hungry... When we were done eating, we ran into a lemonade stand that had six different types of drinks to mix. We had an endless supply of samples to see what we liked. Courtney and I ended up getting a Pina Colada and Raspberry lemonade. It was heaven! 

I had a wonderful time at the fair today! I can't wait to go next year!

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