New Boots!

Yesterday, I headed out to the Oregon coast for a day trip. Unfortunately it was fogy and cloudy and I was unable to go onto the beach. Instead, I headed over to the shopping center outlets they had there. While there, I heading into Bass (G.H Bass & Co.). I never gotten a pair of shoes at Bass. Only because I thought they were too adult looking for me. Now since I'm almost 18, I realized some of the shoes are wonderful! 
A down fall was, they are expensive. Yesterday though, I hit the sale right on time! There was a buy 1 get 2 free sale, which resulted in my parents and myself getting a new pair of shoes that we liked. 

My mom spotted these shoes, Pamela Cal Toe Bootie. There were three different colors, Black, grey and tan. I had a hard time deciding which color I liked best. Even though I love black boots, I realized tan goes with my clothes more. I usually end up wearing dark jeans in the winter, so I thought tan my go best.

I got these shoes for $60 on sale. They were regular $129. I can't wait to wear these boots this coming up fall and winter!

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