Throwback Thursday | To the Beach

Last week I shared my trip I took with my church up to Spokane, WA. Now this week, I will be sharing with you the trip I took last November, 2012, to the beach with my church as well!
One weekend ten of us headed over to the coast, Seaside, OR, for another church conference. I never explained in my last throwback what a conference was. So, I thought I would here! For a whole day, our religion comes together and we all have a chat about our faith. hundreds of youth from church around the area come to listen and celebrate our faith.

In November, I headed to the coast with my church youth group for a weekend stay. It ended up being a lot of fun, not to mention the freezing weather. Above (first picture ever on this post) is a picture of the view from our hotel room, and below are pictures from the beach.

On Saturday we got up early and headed over to start our conference. We had an amazing time for the first part of the day!
For two hours we were free to go shopping, roam the town and eat dinner. It was too cold to head down to the beach so half of us headed to the beach and the other half headed to the town to shop! Of course I had to head to the shops!

The next day, we all packed up and headed home. It was a sort but wonderful trip we all took together. Every trip we take ends up bring a lot closer than you would think! 

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